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Bruce C Pugh DVC-RE 

Bruce C. Pugh

The Education Division has 4 primary branches.  The first branch is responsible for maintaining the Response Directorate web site.  The second branch is responsible for developing and publishing training materials.  These include the 1Hr annual TCT refresher, the 4 hr currency maintenence TCT workshop, and the annual Workshops for Surface Operations, AUXAIR, and Telecommunications.  The third branch is responsible for editing and publishing the Directorate newsletter The Responder.  The fourth branch is our safety branch, responsible for developing, reviewing and publishing safety training and educational items on the web, in the annual refresher sessions and workshops, and in the news letter.

New Initial and 5-Year Currency TCT Program

Posted by: Bruce Pugh

The Auxiliary now has a new 4 hour TCT program replacing the current 8 hour program that is required for initial and 5-year currency in the operations programs. Details are in ALAUX - TEAM COORDINATION TRAINING (TCT) -10/13 issued by CHDIRAUX on 08 Aug 13.  This ALAUX announces this new program and details the process for getting Auxiliarists certified as Facilitators for the program. 

This New program becomes effective on 01 Sep 2013.  The following materials are the ONLY authorized materials to be used for facilitating this program.

The Responder

The latest edition of the Directorate News letter (The Responder) is now available.

The Responder Newsletter - March 2016 - Articles in this issue: 

  • What’s new for 2016!
  • Making a Difference
  • Instill Realism is Surface Operations Drills
  • Are You Thirsty?
  • Celebrating 76 Years of Service


The Education Division edits and publishes the annual optional workshops for the Surface Operations, Telecommunications and AUXAIR teams.  These workshops, although optional at the National Level, are highly recommended for Auxiliary members operating in any of these three critical operational programs.  The workshops can be viewed and downloaded from our Workshop Archives page at this link.