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Updated PPE Maintenance Procedure Cards

Mon, 01 Oct 18  

The latest updates for the MPC (Maintenance Procedure Cards) have been posted.  Update Dates are noted for each document.  Please make sure you are using the most current procedures for all PPE inspections.  Remember these are Coast Guard Confidential documents for use by trained PPE inspectors and should not be distributed to anyone else.  If you have printed older versions for your reference please shred/destroy the old copies DO NOT just drop them in a recycling bin.

MPC instruction documents can be found on our Members Only page at this link.

Introduction to Risk Management

Tue, 11 Sep 18  

Having trouble finding the new Risk Management course?  It can be accessed under AUXLMS at this link

  • Log into the site
  • Select the link for "Catalog: Auxiliary"
  • Select the link for Auxiliary Operations Program Catalog
  • Select 100202 Introduction to Risk Management

News from NACON 2018 - AUXAIR GAR 2.0

Here is the presentation given to the Air Operations folks at NACON this month.  Its a great read, take a look.

What's the Buzz - GAR 2.0 That's What

So you have probably heard all the buzz about the new GAR 2.0.  So just what is it and how different is it from our current GAR Risk Management process?  Well here is a presentation given at NACON that should help clear things up for you.

Clarification of Introduction to Risk Management

Thu, 26 Jul 18  

R 200830 JUL 18
UNCLAS //N03500//
ACN 071/18
A. Risk Management (RM), COMDTINST 3500.3A,

Paragraph 14

1. Per REF (A), Section a.1, personnel involved with planning, conducting, supervising, and monitoring Coast Guard activities that can pose a safety risk to personnel and equipment must complete the Introduction to Risk Management training available on the Coast Guard Learning Management System (LMS), Mandatory

Training-B (MT-B), course 100202.

2. This requirement applies to all personnel entering the Coast Guard after 5 March 2018, and members who have not completed Crew Resource Management, Team Coordination Training, Maintenance Resource Management, or Bridge

Resource Management Initial training. Members who have completed one of the above Initial training courses have fulfilled the LMS requirement and only need to take the annual Refresher training. The LMS course can also be voluntarily completed to refresh knowledge of risk management concepts and principles. 

3. For questions, contact Mr. Mark Davenport, COMDT (CG-1132) at 202-475-5219 or email at orBOSN4 Steven Hanson, COMDT(CG-7-D-1) at 202-372-2289 or email at

4. Released by RDML Michael P. Ryan, Assistant Commandant for Capability.

5. Internet release authorized.

Risk Management, PEACE, and GAR 2.0

In March 2018 the Commandant issued ACN 030/18; Promulgation of Risk Management Commandant Instruction. This notice cancelled existing risk management instructions and implemented COMDTINST 3500.3A, which reintroduces the PEACE and STAAR models for risk management and analysis, and also implements GAR 2.0. While we have one year from the promulgation of the message to implement the changes, OIAs are adopting the changes at varying paces.  Full plans for full Auxiliary implementation are being finalized and we will post further information as it becomes available.  Documents and job aids are available from our Members Only page (login required)

This constitutes some major changes in the process that we use to conduct risk analysis; it simplifies the process, and increases accuracy of the end product. In the following links you will find the Commandant Notice, ACN 030/18; the governing instruction, COMDTINST 3500.3A; links to the referenced Job Aids for PEACE, STAAR, and GAR 2.0; and a link to the Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM).

Everyone involved in operations is strongly encouraged to take “Introduction to Risk Management Course” 100202 in AUXLMS,,  within the Auxiliary Operations catalog.

Policy Letter Inflatible PFDs

Wed, 04 Jul 18  

See memorandum at this link for clarification on use of Inflatable PFDs for Auxiliary members on patrol

Damage control on vessels

Damage control on vessels has issues that all need to be addressed, preparation, mitigation, & response. Please see the attached presentation to make sure you have the knowledge and the know-how in dealing with vessel damage control.

 Damage Control on Vessels

Mandatory 1 hour TCT Refresher for 2018

The Team Coordination Training (TCT) refresher session is required in 2018 and is now available.  This annual requirement for all operations personnel includes the 2018 TCT Class slide Presentation, 2018 TCT Facilitator Resource Guide, and the 2018 TCT Participant Reference.  This is one and 1/2 hour refresher session, which emphasizes crew problem solving and the seven key components of Team Coordination Training (TCT). These documents are all in .PDF format.  The slide show is also available in a read only PowerPoint format on our Workshop Archives page.

The TCT refresher is only to be done in a workshop/group setting, as in all the past TCT Refreshers, and led by a facilitator/presenter. The presenter does not need to be qualified as a TCT Facilitator or AUX TCT Facilitator but should be currently qualified in one of the Response areas preferably at the Coxswain level. It is also highly recommended that the leader be IT qualified

To download a copy of these presentations right-click on the links above and select "Save link as" from the pop up menu.

Important Note: All of the TCT materials must be reviewed and approved at several levels in the Auxiliary and on the Active Duty side.  This is to insure that all is in compliance with the latest and often changing CG and CG Auxiliary policies and procedures.

To insure that the material will be presented as reviewed and approved, we only publish them in PDF (or read only .pptx) format.  There are 3 documents, the facilitator presentation slides (these are to guide the course and are not a substitute for the participant guide which has all the details of the scenario) , a guide for the facilitator, and a guide for the student.

The PDF files may be presented in the same way that Power Point slides are displayed, either directly on a computer screen or projected.  Set Adobe Reader to display one page at a time, full frame.  Selecting the next page will allow the presenter to step through all of the slides of the presentation.

Surface/Telecoms/AUXAIR workshops for 2018

Important: The Operations Workshop is a Required workshop in 2018 for all Surface Operations team members (Crew, Coxswain, PWO)

Surface Operations

The Surface Operations workshop for 2018 is now available at this link in PDF format,or as a PowerPoint presentation at this link   This workshop can be given by any Auxiliarist qualified in the operations area, however an operations person who is also IT qualified would be better.  This is a mandatory workshop at the national level for 2018.  It must be completed by 30 June or the Auxiliarist will go into REWK.  If not completed by 31 Dec the Auxiliarist will go into REYR. Presenters are encouraged to enhance this presentation with additional slides and any Operational materials that are appropriate to your AOR. Additionally for this year as this is a required course there is also a Facilitator pdf guide that also includes notations for some of the slides to clarify and reinforce the key points to be discussed.  That guide is available at this link.

The Response Directorate has again provided 2 additional optional workshops for 2018.  In addition to the required Operations Workshop for surface operations members we have updated workshops for the Telecommunications and AUXAIR teams.  These workshops are optional for 2018 but highly recommended for all Auxiliarists involved in any of these 2 critical areas of operations. 

Telecommunications Operations

The Telecommunications workshop (PDF) is meant as a refresher on good Telecoms practices. This workshop should be given by an Auxiliarist qualified as AUXCOM or TCO.  It is recommended but not required that this person also be IT qualified.  Presenters are NOT permitted to enhance this presentation.  If additional information is important for your AOR you may add these as a separate presentation.  This presentation is also available in PowerPoint format

 Air Operations

The Air Operations workshop (PDF) is available at this link.  The AUXAIR workshop is only provided in PDF format.  In order to insure consistency for Air Operations across the country, the material in this workshop, for all AUXAIR personnel, should NOT be altered at the local level.

To download a copy of any of these presentations right-click on the links above and select "Save link as" from the pop up menu.